Searching for the sword of Albuga

A campsite in Le Bugue became the headquarters of the “Périgord Raid Aventure” during the last week in August 2008 as 144 girls and boys from all over Europe (aged between 14 and 16) were invited to participate in a massive outdoor treasure hunt in the valleys of the Vézère and the Dordogne. In blissfully warm weather the contestants raced off in search of the sword of the illustrious Albuga tribe - hunting down and then deciphering a set of amphorae with very old cabalistic symbols engraved upon them. A fantastic adventure that made them all raid-crazy!

Juan Frutos

Archaeology of a living artist’s studio...

Do you have to be dead to make a name for yourself? Do you have to be a rusty old skeleton before people start taking an interest in you?
Gaëlle Chancerel’s answer to that question was « most certainly not! » when she plunged headlong into the prodigious mingle-mangle of Juan Frutos’s studio during her long Caribbean stay not far from the Mexican artist’s coastal home. The results of her painstaking, archaeology-style exploration have been published in a beautiful book revealing in minute detail the artist’s imaginative world. Gaëlle Chancerel now works in the Périgord; Juan Frutos’s art is presently on show at La Visitation in Périgueux.

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