The works of three brothers at heart – painter/writer François Augiéras, the poet Paul Placet and artist/photographer Philippe Pons – are being shown together, as an inextricable “whole”, at the Pôle international de la Préhistoire, until January 5th. An invitation to share heartfelt sensations and emotions before the scenic beauty of the Vézère Valley, all the way up to Sarlat, as the seasons go by. These poem-images express “ecstatic and shamanistic sentiments and visions in the places we travelled through”, whispered Philippe Pons into the ears of the friendly crowd following him round the exhibition with Paul Placet, amidst all the creations they had put together. There was a feeling of appeasement. Time stood still as we stood bathing in the perpetual sunshine of the angels’ corridor, designed by architect Raphaël Voinchet.

THE LAST FARMER-CUM-PREHISTORIAN Best Film for Creative Research Award ICRONOS Festival, Bordeaux

Best Film for Creative Research Award
ICRONOS Festival, Bordeaux

After its highly successful, twice-repeated preview at the Pôle International de la Préhistoire, after its nationwide release thanks to Sciences et Avenir magazine in their issue devoted to the cradles of civilization, after being selected for the Amiens Archaeology Film Festival and winning the Special Jury Award at the Pech Merle “Objectif Préhistoire” Festival, the film that was shot on a farm and in a cave in the Périgord Noir, LE DERNIER PAYSAN PREHISTORIEN (The Last Farmer-cum-Prehistorian) by Sophie Cattoire, has now received the Best Creative Research Award at the ICRONOS Festival in Bordeaux and, with the film in high demand up and down the country, Gilbert Pémendrant, the hero, has been having the time of his life!


The hero of his really own reality film

How can we keep forever those sweet, precious moments? The latest showings of the film:
LE DERNIER PAYSAN PREHISTORIEN (The Last Farmer-cum-Prehistorian) in cinemas and festivals up and down the country have opened up a whole new world. The film is fast becoming cult, with the audiences snuggling into the safe, warm cocoon of farm life and prehistory, in total harmony with the endearing main character. On the path of light in the darkness of les salles obscures (cinemas), Gilbert Pémendrant shepherds his proud, virtual livestock (mammoths, aurochs and ibex) across the silver screen.

FIPA 2011, 24e édition

Biarritz FIPA
24th edition
A fine crop of films to make our children proud

Today’s pictures are the archives of tomorrow. So why not leave behind us traces we can be proud of? This was clearly the motivation for many of the makers of the films and documentaries shown at the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA) in Biarritz this year. They had the courage to say what they had to say and a moral obligation to spread hope.

Fou comme une image

In the eye of the beholder

Capturing what you see – sheer madness! All those lessons on optics won’t help me understand that magical power we are endowed with. Some photos make me cry, but I console myself in the knowledge that I have managed to save that treasured part of my loved one – in that unforgettable spot where we once went hand in hand. In our memories we store and fabricate dreams, in that otherworld where we can raise our arms and fly away. A photo is like a gentle “abduction” of all those happy times. Jacques Saraben’s shots reveal the attentive observer, ready to pounce at each enchanting instant.

Bernadette Lafont spreading sunshine at the Cinéma Lux in Le Buisson

For the fifth time « Les Rencontres Buissonnières » wowed us when they invited Bernadette Lafont to come and present André S Labarthe’s great documentary, recounting her 50-year-long career and two of her latest films in which she shows the full extent of her talent. She is someone extra special, a great actress and a lovely lady who never looks long-faced or sulky: “I owe it to my public to be cheerful”, she says. She certainly was “our sunshine” on that chilly Friday, February 13, 2009 in Périgord Noir.

These artists and acrobats create, compose and live in Occitania.

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